Team of 6.8 Trillion

TeamThis post is going to be short this week… Simply put – You Don’t Waste Good!  God view us as Good, but the world views us as inadequate, not up to par, just short of the best, a statistic that isn’t quite good enough to be ranked as the best.

According to the NFL Players AssociationStatistically of the 100,000 high school seniors who play football every year, only 215 will ever make an NFL roster. That is 0.2%!  Even of the 9,000 players that make it to the college level only 310 are invited to the NFL scouting combine, the pool from which teams make their draft picks.

In God’s Players Association (aka God’s A-Team) of 6.8 trillion people we’re all on the roster.  We are all good enough for His kingdom.  He designed us for His mission, but it’s up to us to believe it or reject it.

Let’s read John 12:46-50

44-46 Jesus summed it all up when he cried out, “Whoever believes in me, believes not just in me but in the One who sent me. Whoever looks at me is looking, in fact, at the One who sent me. I am Light that has come into the world so that all who believe in me won’t have to stay any longer in the dark.

47-50 “If anyone hears what I am saying and doesn’t take it seriously, I don’t reject him. I didn’t come to reject the world; I came to save the world. But you need to know that whoever puts me off, refusing to take in what I’m saying, is willfully choosing rejection. The Word, the Word-made-flesh that I have spoken and that I am, that Word and no other is the last word. I’m not making any of this up on my own. The Father who sent me gave me orders, told me what to say and how to say it. And I know exactly what his command produces: real and eternal life. That’s all I have to say. What the Father told me, I tell you.”

What will it be… join a select few or be apart of a mass wide movement.

Let’s Live Radically for Him!


Day 1: Isaiah 18-22

Day 2: Isaiah 23-26

Day 3: 2 Kings 18:1-8; 2 Chronicles 29-31; Psalm 48

Day 4: Isaiah 27-30

Day 5: Isaiah 31-35

Day 6: Isaiah 36-37; 2 Kings 18:9-19:37; 2 Chronicles 32:1-23; Psalm 76

Going Stale

staleI was once told… “If you’re not moving forward, then your not going anywhere.  You’re just stale.”  To a kid fresh out of high school / young adult that saying was pretty confusing: “Of course I’m moving… hello, I’m walking right now aren’t I?!”  It wasn’t until my later days (ripe old age of 26) that this saying really sunk in for me.  At that time I was working at the family business and I felt my life “Going Stale”.  How was delivering boxes for a living going anywhere?  What part of my life was moving forward at this current time?  Was this really what I’m going to do for a living?  I remember that day vividly.  I was making a delivery in South Bend, Indiana and I pulled into the parking lot in utter disgust of my life.  I asked God “Why?”  Why am I doing this?  Why has my life “Gone Stale”.  And then it hit me… I had stopped moving.  I was stale!  That very day and at that very moment I stopped and prayed.  I asked God to change my life and start using me for His glory, for His kingdom, for His mission.  From that day forward I was moving forward… I was no longer stale! Continue reading

Health Freak

health freakIn today’s world, eating healthy and staying in shape seems to be the status quo.  Everyone is obsessed with keeping their bodies filled with the latest all natural foods, the right diet pills, the next new protein shake, and making sure they’re working out enough.  Don’t get us wrong… we’re not saying that this is a bad thing, but have we gone too far?  Have we over shot the moon on being healthy that we are sacrificing other things?  I happened to be flipping through the channels the other day and saw this sporting event, on ESPN, all about working out aka Cross Fit.  We have turned the normal gym rat into a sport spectical for all to see.  What a crazy world we live in that Joe “gym rat” is now Joe “I Famous”! Continue reading

Critical or Honest

CriticizeI came across a saying this past week… “I’m not being critical, I’m being honest.”  When I heard this it took me a second to realize what the person had just said – “I’m not being critical, I’m being honest?”  It finally hit me, after 5 times of saying it over and over in my head, that we (the person being “criticized”), can perceive honesty as a critical comment or suggestion.  Maybe the comment or suggestion came at the wrong time?  Maybe we shared what was on our heart to early and we weren’t ready for their “honesty”?  There’s a very fine line between helping and hurting when it comes to criticism.  As a critic sometimes you know your honesty is given to early and does damage.  Maybe you meant for it to be that way?  Maybe you didn’t read the situation correctly?  When given the right to offer up criticism we want to make sure it’s constructive and destructive.  Honesty can help or hurt, so let’s walk the fine line and find out how to make our criticism be words of encouraging honesty! Continue reading

If you fear it… it will grow

fearIn the spirit of it being October (this Wednesday) we thought it was appropriate to talk about fear.  Halloween is fast approaching and I’m sure we’re all working on our costumes.  This is the one night of the year that we celebrate fear.  Nothing says, “I’m scared!”, like a newborn dressed up in a pumpkin outfit or handy out mass amounts of candy (parents probably fear the dentist bill that will follow!).  Outside of October 31st why do we fear things?  Why do we let those things, that we celebrate on Halloween, creep into our lives and scare us?  What is holding you back from accomplishing your goals?  Is it something from your past?  Someone at work?  A bully at school?  What is it that you fear and why are you letting that fear grow?
Continue reading

Life Is Short


Disclaimer: we do not endorse partying naked… we’re just fans of Calvin and Hobbes!

What, in your life, will you spend 1/3 of it doing?  Is it schooling, work, marriage, taking care of kids, running errands, cleaning you house/dorm room (most likely not the dorm room… we all know no one ever cleaned their dorm room!), etc.?  Life is short and we need to make the most of every minute of every day.  You don’t want to get the end of your life and say: “boy, I really wish I would have done __________!” or “boy, I really wish I wouldn’t have wasted my life doing __________!”  Your death bed is not the place you want to be asking or making these comments.  By then it’s too late.  Time has elapsed and you won’t be able to make the correction in your life.  You’ll have to pay the piper, so to speak, and hope that it doesn’t affect anyone after you’ve passed. Continue reading

Good Suffering

SufferTo suffer or not?  This is the question.  No one really wants to suffer.  We try to avoid it at all costs.  We plan our days accordingly, we strive for the perfect job, and we even work on getting the perfect class schedule all to avoid suffering.  But what happens when we do suffer?  How do we react to it?  They say that how you react to suffering can make or break you.  You have a choice: 1. Either wallow in your misery OR 2. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep plugging away at it.  These options are the deciding factor in who you are, how you deal with things, and what it will make of you.  So take sometime and decide now what you want to do, either option 1 or option 2.  Which option will it be? Continue reading