EasterThis past weekend was a great weekend!  Friends, family, spring time, and getting outdoors.  Nothing beats a good Easter weekend.  Everything about the weekend is all about resurrection and life.  Winter is gone and new plants, animals, and people are being born.  Life is literally rising up around us on this weekend!  So as the weekend fades away and we begin our routine of work, family, and after school activities how will you remember this past weekend?  Do you really believe that life and resurrection just happened? Read More

muleWhy not ride the trusty mule instead of betting on the cocky horse?”  This was an answer given by non other then Pharrell Williams when asked about how he arrived at his current stardom.  Pharrell Williams (singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer) simply put that he’d rather ride the trusty mule – his talents – then bet on the cocky horse and sell out.  When we look at a mule there’s nothing glitzy and glamorous about it, but they get the job – they are made for – done.  Then you look at the Thoroughbred and it’s all about glitz and glamor.  They are the fastest, strongest, and most powerful horse.  People wage fortunes on these amazing animals to see them win, but when they can’t do what they were bred to do they are put out to pasture to roam the open fields… never be seen again. Read More

Here it is! The Spring MTB Trip video from Mason Geiger Photography and Film!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.49.24 AM

peek-a-booWe’ve all played the game Peek-A-Boo or had someone play it with us when we were kids.  Peek-A-Boo is a classic game for toddlers.  Cruel and sweet at the same time.  For a second the toddler thinks you’ve disappeared, then out of now where you appear in front of them.  This bring so much joy to them to finally see your face and realize that you’re still there, but wait you magically disappear again.  This leaves the toddler alone and afraid again wondering, “where did that person go!”  Finally you appear again bringing joy and excitement.  If you haven’t figured it out yet this game could go on and on at the expense of the toddlers emotions!  What a cruel, but sweet game to play! Read More

Michael-jordan-dunkMichael Jordan.  Everyone wanted to be like Mike back in the day.  Wait… everyone still wants to be like Mike today!  As far as basketball is concerned, everyone is compared to the great Michael Jordan.  So much that Gatorade made a commercial titled Be Like Mike.  Michael Jordan was and still is one of the greatest basketball players of all times.  But did you know that he didn’t make the varsity high school basketball team because he was too short?!  Crazy right?!  What was that coach thinking?!  It’s these little tid bits of information that make his legacy so great.  Why would anyone want to be like a person that never failed or didn’t have to work hard to get where they are now.  That kind of story doesn’t motivate the rest of the masses to look at themselves in the mirror everyday and say… I can be like Mike!

Read More

Our annual Spring MTB Trip was a record setting trip… 31 guys attended this past weekend for a weekend of singletrack mountain biking, camping, laughter, and fellowship!   We headed to Land Between The Lakes in Southwest Kentucky to ride the Canal Loop and North South Trail.  Kyle Alcorn led the group discussions at night and Saturday morning with Kirk Swaidner sharing Friday morning.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend! Enjoy!

P.S. Mason Geiger Photography and Film will be putting out a video recap very shortly!

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daydreamingHave you ever daydreamed?  Of course you have!  What a dumb question!  But what have you been daydreaming about?  Are they the same daydreams from when you were a kid?  Do you ever sit at work, school, home, etc. and dream about all the things you could be doing right now?  Good!  Daydreaming isn’t a bad thing… it’s a good thing!  It means your alive and you have ambitions, hopes, and desires.  It means you want more for your life.  It means that you want to be something other then a person caught in the wheel of repetition.  It means you want to go somewhere, be somebody, impact someone’s life!  So how do you get from where you are currently and jump into your daydream?  How do you make this a reality? Read More

shortcutIn life we always look for the more efficient way to do something.  Business is all about pumping out quality products for cheaper and less amount of steps aka streamlining.  Our day-to-day routine is all about taking shortcuts to get to work, school, or an appointment.  We even have shortcuts for computers & cell phones so we can type faster!  Sometimes this is more damaging then it is good.  Sometimes a shortcut can cause more problems then help.  What was the last shortcut you took?  Did it help or hurt the process?  I can remember on one of our 2nd Mile Adventure journey’s where a couple guys spent all day hiking and biking through a field because they thought it was a “shortcut”.  Turned out it was a day long adventure through a field.  The good: they have plenty of stories to tell from this little adventure… the bad: they we’re all about to kill the leader at one point during the adventure. Read More

House of Hope Update

2nd Mile Adventures:

Check out a few of our fellow 2MAers and their journey to breaking the cycle of poverty on 2 wheels!

Originally posted on Tour Divide - Tim & Dave:

Rod and Nancy Wildman  just recently visited the DR (Dominican Republic) and took these pictures for us!  It’s amazing to see the fruits of our faithfulness!  Thank you for helping us impact lives!  We are all Difference Makers!  Keep sending in those donations… we still need to reach $25,000 and we’re currently at $14,300!  Check out these pictures:

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cropped-cropped-20130315_130729.jpgGet signed up now for the Spring MTB Trip! This is a great weekend for guys to get realx and enjoy some fellowship! We’re heading out Thursday, March 20th at 6:30pm from the Trailhouse bike shop parking lot in the Village of Winona Lake and heading to Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky for some single track mountain biking. We’ll ride Friday, March 21st and Saturday, March 22nd and load up Saturday afternoon to head back home. Cost is $70 – this includes: 2 breakfasts, 1 fireside dinner, snack food, lodging, transportation, and an event t-shirt/water bottle/or head buff. Tent camping is available. Just let us know if you plan on bringing a tent.


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