simplifyNow that classes are back in session life is going to ramp back up.  Sporting events, practices, getting to school on time, running errands, chores at home, etc.  How do you do all this and not get crazy out of control?  How do you accomplish everything that needs to happen and still get to the things you want to do?  Life’s not going to slow down and wait for you to catch up.  Not to heap onto the stress, but as the school season progresses the holiday season creeps in.  School, holidays, and work?!  How in the world do we keep it all straight and find time for ourselves?  Which is more important: taking care of others or taking care of ourselves?  These are all hard questions, but before life gets completely out of hand lets take a look at simplifying! Read More

We apologize for no post this week.  We had an unexpected trip we needed to take but we’ll be back at it next Monday!   So keep living Radically for Him!

Seeing as schools are ramping up for another year of education we wanted to pass along this article from The Gospel Coalition on 3 Ways To Share The Gospel In Public Schools:

Keep living radically!


Wake UpThe alarm clock goes off and what do we do… for most of us we hit the snooze button and drift back to sleep.  We are suppose to be getting up.  Something is reminding us that the day is to begin, but we are choosing to ignore it and slip back into a deep sleep.  Let’s pretend we didn’t hear that and get 5 more minutes of sleep.  Sometimes 5 minutes turns into 10, then 15, then 20, and finally you awake and it’s been 45 minutes of extra sleep… Yikes!  You jump out of bed trying to get ready as fast as possible, but no matter what you do to catch up your day will always be 45 minutes late. Read More

June Divide Riders

Brian Tack (far right – red jacket) pictured with fellow June Divide Riders – Cory Hickson, Mike Wallick, and Tim Kahn

2014 Divide Ride is in the books!  Another year full of stories and first time riders.  This year we had the opportunity to take a few Juniors, in high school, along for the ride, but before we get to their interviews lets take a look at long time Divide Ride Trip wannabe turned Divide Ride Rookie.  Brian Tack has been eyeing this trip with us for a few years and finally, this past June, he got the opportunity to go!  Here’s our interview with Brian:

2MA: What was your first thought after day 1 of riding and camping?  Did you feel like: “oh no what have I gotten myself into?” or “that wasn’t so bad!”

Brian: Day one, getting to camp, I thought “that was it?!” yes.  We climbed Boreas Pass that day.  Yes, I was humbled to a slow pace, but I never was in agony or total exhaustion.  I set up camp like I knew to do.  Looked around, and thought, “that’s it?!”  “This is all I have to do (To survive)?”  Then, sitting around the table to eat, then the fire, devotions–I learned quickly is what makes the Divide memorable.  After day 1…….. Ok, maybe day 2, I never wanted to get to camp.  It meant another day would be over, and one day closer to the trip being over.  I wanted to soak up the time since I kept hearing the week would go fast!

2MA: What item or items did you bring that you wish you didn’t and what item or items did you wish you had but didn’t bring?

Brian: Something I brought that I wish I didn’t, was my under the seat bag for my tire repair gear the last minute–unfortunately.  I had it secured other places, and then quickly put the bag on before we left. It wore a hole into brand new bike shorts, and irritated my leg until I pitched it into my pannier on Tuesday.  Something I wish I would have had, was the camp chair Kyle Alcorn (2nd Mile Adventures Board Member and fellow Divide Rider) had–or most any seat for around the fire.

2MA: What was your valley (low point of the trip) and your peak (high point of the trip)? low: bonking on day

Brian: Valley: I learned that uphills can look like downhills – aka Colorado Flats.  2nd Mile adventures suggest a Garmin eTrex 20.  This will help you realize you’re actually climbing even when it look like your going down hill or it’s flat. I also had a poor early pace to that same day.  High: road 77, at my own pace.  Soaking up the glorious creation God took extra time on.

2MA: What spiritual impact did you take away from this trip?  Did the trip encourage you or push / challenge you in your walk with the Lord?  What did you feel the Lord was speaking to you about?

Brian: The trip encouraged me.  I’m not used to spending my days around adults, let alone adults who talk scripture and devotions.  It was so refreshing.  It’s easy to get caught up and forget to stay on track with what we need to have in our life first.

2MA: What setup were you using i.e. type of bike, rear rack, tent, panniers, water filter, camp stove, etc.  Would you change anything about your set up for the next Divide Ride?

Brian: I have a 26″ Trek Fuel full suspension. I had the Topeak front bag, 2 Revelate feed bags, gas tank, the orange panniers and rack 2MA loaned me. Tent and sleeping bag too. I brought tablets for water–on day one, I learned that was a slightly inconvenient way of water purifying. Next time, I will use the “straw” thing Cory and Tim had.

Divide Ride Rookie lesson 101… when forging a river or creek, it’s best to creep across it rather then go as fast as possible.  Brian learned this the hard way, but he popped back up and kept going!

Forging the river

Forging the river

River 1 Brian 0

River 1 Brian 0

If you have any questions about this trip or equipment we use please leave us a comment or contact us!

CommitIt’s that time… time to make a decision!  Total commitment to our craft, total commitment to our work, total commitment to our families.  Either we’re all in or nothing.  To quote the Three Musketeers – “All for one and one for all!”  Let’s break free from the things that are holding us back and run the race set out for us.  Nothing is too big or out of reach.  We can do all things through Him! Read More

handicapIs there something, currently, holding you back from accomplishing a goal, task, or mission?  Or maybe it’s not something but someone or a group of people holding you back.  Do you constantly talk yourself out of doing things?  These are all signs that you are crippled.  Yourself, something, or someone is holding you back from accomplishing what you want to do.  Then, why do we allow these things or people stop us?  What seeds of doubts are they planting in us?  What obstacle is too big for us to jump over?  Why can’t we shake this monkey off our back?!
Read More

wardrobeClothes always seems to be a hot topic these days.  Whether it’s a new trend, old trend. old trend with a new twist, or not enough room in the closet of all my clothes. Clothes are a statement. We wear certain things to let people know who we are, to push the boundaries (if you’re a parent of a teenager I’m sure you know this one all to well), show our emotions, and work or school related requirement.  Clothes can also help protect us – firemen, military, police, etc.  Clothes are more then items that hang in your wardrobe (or overflow), they are pieces of you. Read More

DSCN2393This past June 20-28 10 men set out on the first of two Great Divide Rides this year. This years route is a loop starting in Silverthorne Colorado heading south through Breckenridge to Hartsel and looping back over Webster Pass. Due to the massive amount of snow Colorado received this year Webster Pass is closed until August causing the men to back track and loop back through Breckenridge. This made for 2 – 50 mile days and 6 passes to climb throughout the week. All-in-all the men had a great time bikepacking, camping, eating tons of junk food, and most importantly fellowshipping and spending time in God’s presence!

Here are some photos from the trip:













































MobilizeMobilize… making (something) movable or capable of movement.  Mobilizing is usually associated with government or troops.  When we hear this term it’s typically being used on the evening news to talk about war.  So when you read the title did you think of something bad or cringe? Surprisingly we mobilize everyday.  We mobilize to get tasks done at work and home, we mobilize to get our kids to school and sporting events, we even mobilize to get dinner on the table.  Take a minute to look at your list of “To Do’s” today… what are you mobilizing for? Read More

TrainingTraining is not fun. We all enjoy the event or adventure we train for but the training we all wish we could do without. We spend countless hours in the gym working, strengthening, and fine tuning our bodies for this one event, or series of events, and before we know it the event(s) come and go. But without the training, strengthening, and fine tuning how would be able to perform at our best? If we didn’t do the events and learn all the why’s and why not’s then who would be there to train the next generation? While training is bothersome and time consuming it does serve a purpose. Read More


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